About Us

Soujiyi is a sales automation and management platform powered by ChatGPT, a cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology. Soujiyi helps B2B companies and cross-border e-commerce businesses to find and connect with potential customers across the globe, using data-driven and personalized email and social media marketing strategies. Soujiyi also offers a simple and powerful sales CRM to optimize the sales team’s workflow and track deal progress.

Soujiyi was founded by Sam Lee, a veteran in the foreign trade industry with 20 years of experience and proven methods for customer acquisition. He teamed up with computer experts from prestigious universities and former engineers from leading telecom companies to develop Soujiyi’s core products: Soujiyi Data Platform, Soujiyi Lead Finder, and Soujiyi Email Wizard. These products combine big data, machine learning, and human intelligence to provide accurate and verified customer data, email finder extensions, drip campaigns, and email verification services.

Soujiyi’s mission is to make foreign trade easier and more efficient for everyone. Soujiyi has helped thousands of companies to drive more revenue and grow their businesses in the global market. Soujiyi is trusted by Chrome Web Store and its customers, and offers a free trial and flexible plans to suit different needs. Whether you are a foreign trade company, a cross-border e-commerce seller, or a solo entrepreneur, Soujiyi can help you achieve your sales goals with its powerful and easy-to-use tools.